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In memoriam

Antonio Tovar

1964 - 2023

In his brief passage on earth, Antonios entire being was dedicated to art. He created art for the sheer joy of creation. A self-taught painter, writer and photographer, he produced countless works of art, participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Mexico and Europe and created galleries and art spaces on his own.

Today, some of his pieces are part of significant private and public collections throughout the US, especially in California, his long-time home (Mexican Museum of San Francisco), and Europe, among others the Ludwig Museum of Photography in Cologne/Germany.

Born in Texas to Mexican parents and raised in Mexico City, he later on lived in Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. All his life, he struggled with a sense of non-belonging; not being fully accepted on either side of the border. He never bought in to the folkloristic image of Mexico sold in the US, nor the exaggerated idealization of US culture in Mexico. He found his own way, his own home, within his art.

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